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As a coach or a company that helps coaches, you know that finding those who resonate with your values makes the working relationship a joy! Yes, you're in good company!

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So you’ve had a look around and you’re feeling super excited to be part of something that will support, inspire and build your coaching business! Then the rest is easy, our launch offer will help you get started today, the magic will begin from the moment you get your profile on our Coaching Directory! 

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Directory listing under your name and specialty
Membership avatar and profile Create everything on your profile you want
Access to other Members Be part of our own social network platform
Be marketed by TCA We will share you & your services inside our marketing campaigns
Access to our Resources Gain access to our everything you need to build your business


Get your Five-Start Business Solutions with the Community and Resources to share your message with the world!

$ 97
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  • Create Your Own Coach Listing​
  • Create Your Own Avatar & Profile
  • Network with other members
  • Share your latest news in our feed
  • Be part of our social campaigns
  • Access All-You-Need Resources
  • Receive our tips & freebies!​

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This is truly the time to shine for coaches, speakers and authors. People truly need support and guidance now, and coaches need the support and guidance to be at their very best. If you are truly looking to raise your profile as a coach, speaker or author and do it in a way that feels good and inspiring, then that is what TCA offers. We would love to have you join us. If you need any more information, then please reach out for a 15 min chat with Scarlett or one of our team.

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